Experience the farm life!

Our farm is mainly specialised on fruit- and winegrowing.

Due to the sunny location of our farm there can grow a lot of different fruits and vegetables.  For example we have our own cherries, apricots, peaches, sweet figs, nectarines, plums, nuts, chestnuts, different herbs, tasty tomatoes, salads, cucumber, zucchinis, peppers and many more.
Depending on the season our guest can enjoy the different fruits and vegetables!

You can also try our self made wine, apple juice, delicious marmalades and syrups, as well as the fresh eggs from our hens.

The parents can relax in the deck chair or have cosy chat in the new, natural wooden summer house.

A beautiful walk through the  alcoves of our wine yard leads you to the chapel of St. Georg which towers on our hill next to the farm. From here you can enjoy a marvellous view and make a picnic on the great flower fields.

You also can discover our small botanic garden with eucalyptus, cactuses and olive trees.

We also have a large playing ground for the children with a slide, a swing, a sandbox and much more. The small guest can pet our tame cats, bunnies and hens as well.

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New at the Messnerhof:

  • Bio steam bath and Finnish sauna
  • Shop with produce of our farm